Reducing landfill beautifully

About me

Hi, I am Kerry and I am the face behind recre8ively with Kerry.

I studies art and design as an undergraduate back in the 1980s, specifically craft and visual communication. But my career took a few twists and turns and after nearly 30 years in the corporate world in areas as diverse and yet related as management, marketing and brand, journalism, and risk and governance, I wanted to get back to my first love.

I also noticed that the crafting and making skills that were once passed down in families to make, repair, and create were no longer being passed on as our society increasingly became about consumption and disposal. As a result of this, we move further from sustainability and we are producing far more waste than we can manage and our environment can handle.

So I figured there had to be a way to roll all of these drivers into one initiative...and recre8ively with Kerry was born in 2014.

I make beautiful one-off products out of largely recycled and reclaimed materials (at least 75% and often more). In selling these I donate 10% of all sales to small local charities who often receive little or no government funding and do great work in our community.

I share my crafting knowledge by helping others develop skills and encourage people to rediscover their innate recre8ivity! (Don't buy into that nonsense that some people aren't creative...we all have the ability to produce wonderful things with a little guidance. Plus, it's great fun and very satisfying!)

And I am a passionate advocate for the shop small/shop local philosophy that helps build better and happier communities.

Won't you join the recre8ive 'revolution'?

What's New?


Please bear with me while the website is redesigned and new products are  photograohed. In the meantime, you can buy direct from Facebook or Instagram by contacting me when new items are posted (or check out my one time only Bridal Clearance!)

Thanks in advance for your patience and your ongoing support for my little sustainable store.

Upcoming Events

Pub Crafting

Yes, Pub Crafting is still coming but for a lot of reasons I won't bore you with, it couldn't launch when I hoped. It will be something to look forward to in 2019!


Check out my Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and details.

Bassendean Summer Mini Market - Sat 8 December

For those in my 'hood, I will once again be participating in Hawaiian Bassendean and Tasty Pear's mini market...this time for summer (read Christmas!) I just  love supporting local events and I hope to see you there.

I will have some wonderful ideas for great pressies as well as plenty of gorgeous handmade Christmas decorations including some pet friendly options!

Recre8ive Workshops

- have your own customised crafting event


A fantastic idea for birthdays, Hen's Nights, team builders or just for fun!

Groups of 6-8 by appointment at my home studio or larger groups at your venue (there are to me about your needs)

Wednesdays, Fridays or Sundays

Prices start from $35/head and there are a range of fun crafts and projects to choose from.

​Contact me to find out more!